Group Visits – Safety in Numbers!

We have a brand new storyline for 2016 for group visits. Groups will be transported back over 300 years to 1706; the dawn of the Republic of Pirates. The hour long interactive experience, led by a live Pirate, will allow you and your crewmates to feel, hear, smell and see intriguing legends and exciting history.

Meet members of the Flying Gang, famous Pirates that are brought to life by talented theatrical actors. Legendary buccaneer, Captain Calico Jack will narrate your journey from Ship-Wreck to Ship-Deck!

A notorious band of pirates known as ‘The Flying Gang’ have made port at Pirate’s Quest, sent by their infamous leader, Captain Blackbeard, in hopes of finding new recruits to join the Republic of Pirates.

Your journey will begin in the Wreck of the Royal Anne Galley, a real Pirate Hunter’s ship that was headed for the Caribbean but sank off the South Coast of Cornwall. Luckily a member of ‘The Flying Gang’ will be at hand to help you escape the sinking vessel through a secret passageway.

Your LIVE Pirate Guide will then lead you through the mystical caves and murky streets of eighteenth century Cornwall to the crew’s base for ‘Pirate Recruitment’; Captain Blackbeard’s Tavern – a new section of the attraction where groups can find out the truth about this infamous rogue of the sea.
Eventually you’ll arrive at your destination, the deck of Blackbeard’s famous pirate ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Once you’ve steered the vessel clear of the treacherous Cornish cliffs, you’ll be ready to set sail to an exotic Caribbean and The Republic of Pirates.

Who will join The Republic of Pirates on their group visits?

Group visits to Pirate's Quest in Newquay, Cornwall