What is Pirate's Quest?

Pirate’s Quest is an immersive walk-through experience which combines talented theatrical actors, amazing special effects, and detailed 360⁰ sets in an authentic, atmospheric adventure. Find out more here.

What age is Pirate's Quest suitable for?

Pirate’s Quest aims to be suitable for all ages. The majority of the experience is led by a LIVE Pirate with the ability to react uniquely to each individual group. There are plenty of laughs, scares, and factual content to keep visitors of all ages entertained. As with most adventures, there are some dark and shadowy areas which very young visitors may find a little daunting, but the only area which is intentionally scary is the optional Scare Section. If at any time you need to leave the attraction, simply speak to the pirate who will point you in the direction of the nearest exit. Please remember all tickets purchased are non-refundable.   

Is Pirate's Quest scary?

The sets and scenes are authentic and atmospheric – it can be a little dark in places but it is not intended to be scary. There is one section of the attraction, ‘The Locker of Davy Jones’ which is a specific Scare Experience – This route can be easily avoided with the alternative Safe Passage, so please choose wisely. 

Does Pirate's Quest have wheelchair and pushchair access?
Unfortunately because Pirate’s Quest is housed in an old building of historical interest, it is currently not accessible for wheelchairs or pushchairs. There are steps leading up to our building and inside. We do have space to store pushchairs while you enjoy your experience. 
Do I have to book in advance?
It is strongly advised that you book in advance through our website, this guarantees you a space on your desired timeslot and avoids disappointment. However, if you haven’t booked in advance, there are a limited number of stand-by tickets – please call us on 01637 873379 and we’ll try our best to accommodate your group.
How long does the Pirate's Quest Experience last?
The Pirate’s Quest Experience lasts approximately One Hour. The majority of the experience is led by a LIVE Pirate, but the last section is self-guided, so visitors can spend as little or as long in there as they like. 
How often do experiences run throughout the day?
 Pirate’s Quest runs experiences regularly throughout the day. The exact times vary depending on the time of year, so check our website or ring in advance for more details. 
Is Pirate's Quest an indoor attraction?
Yes. All of the sets and scenes are completely under cover. 
Are Dogs allowed in Pirate's Quest?
Due to the nature of the building, unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the Pirate’s Quest Experience.