Pirate Expressions to Learn!

Cornish Smuggling Stories at Pirate's Quest Newquay

Before your visit to Pirate’s Quest in Newquay, have a go at learning some of our favourite Pirate expressions!

Top 10 Pirate Expressions!

  • Arrrr – general term for almost anything.
  • Ahoy – hello.
  • Avast – Stop.
  • Aye – Yes.
  • Bilge Rat – A rat that lives in the lowest level of the ship (used as an insult).
  • Grog – Alcoholic drink, usually rum diluted with water.
  • Lubber (landlubber) – someone who does not go to sea.
  • Smartly – Quickly.
  • Hornswoggled – Tricked/deceived.
  • Doubloon – A Spanish coin accepted in most ports around the world during the 1700’s.


5 Kids love the chance to dress up and join their Pirate Captain for a tour at Pirate’s Quest, Newquay, Cornwall