Meet the Pirates

Calico Jack at Pirate's Quest

Captain Calico Jack

Jack Rackham was the quartermaster on Charles Vayne’s warship, the Neptune. When Vayne cowered, fighting a French Merchant vessel, Rackham mutinied and led the crew…

Anne Bonny at Pirate's Quest

Anne Bonny

Shortly after Anne married the penniless sailor James Bonny, they moved away to New Providence, where James made a living turning in pirates for bounties….

Edward England at Pirate's Quest

Edward England

When caught in an anti-pirate raid in his hometown of New Providence, Edward England managed to escape with a ship and crew in tow. With…

Howell Davis at Pirate's Quest

Howell Davis

Starting with a mutiny over Captain Rogers, Howell Davis carried out many acts of piracy as an expert in deception. He once took on two…

Stede Bonnet

Stede Bonnet was a pirate of the people, having left his comfy home life for that of defying a government as many others wished they…

Mary Read at Pirate's Quest

Mary Read

Mary Read was brought up as a boy under the name ‘Mark Read’, after the loss of her brother. Posing as a man, she joined…