King and Queen of the Cornish Piskies

Cornish piskies are tiny mischievous faeryfolk, known elsewhere in the country as will-o’-the-wisps. Not to be confused by the Devonshire pixies, the Cornish piskies are said to be the spirits of people who aren’t bad enough for hell but aren’t good enough for heaven.

Other claim that they are pre-Christian Gods who have been scattered with holy water and shrank in size.

The piskies are ruled over by their king, Jack O’Lantern, and his queen, Joan the Wad. Jack lives in the fogs and mists of the moors.

If you are kind and understanding of Cornwall and her little people then he’ll let you pass safely on an easy path, but belittle our land and legends and expect a muddy passage through difficult ways.

Joan the Wad is usually depicted without clothes and is associated with the elements of fire and water. ‘Wad’ refers to her torch or light which she uses to guide lost travellers home from the Cornish moors.