Jack the Giant Killer

There are many tales of Cornish Giants – perhaps one of the most famous is of Giant Cormoran and Jack the Giant Killer. Legend tells how Jack was a farmer’s son who lived near Land’s End. Jack heard of a reward being offered to anyone who could rid the land of Giant Cormoran. Cormoran lived on St. Michael’s Mount, and terrorised the neighbourhood – stealing sheep and cattle, and generally being a menace. Many tried to slay Cormoran, but they all failed. Jack decided he would give it his best shot – using brains rather than brawn, Jack dug a huge pit near Morvah and disguised it with sticks and straw.

Once the pit was concealed, Jack stood at the foot of St. Michael’s Mount and blew upon his horn to summon Cormoran. The giant saw Jack and bounded down the side of the mount. Not noticing the hidden pit, he tripped and fell into in, giving Jack enough time to strike him with his pick-axe and end him for good.

The pit was filled in with earth and a huge stone was placed over it to mark the giant’s grave – the stone remains there to this very day.

With the giant gone, the locals celebrated and to show their gratitude, they rewarded Jack with a magnificent sword and belt. Cormoran wasn’t the only giant that Jack defeated – he went on to have numerous adventures and became a Cornish Hero.