Huer’s Hut

On a cliff top, overlooking Newquay Harbour, a whimsical white building can be found. Huer’s Hut is believed to date back to the fourteenth century, and was designed to provide a lookout for the huer. The huer’s job involved watching the sea for shoals of pilchards.

When the pilchards were spotted, the huer would bellow ‘Hevva, Hevva’ (‘Here they are’) from his hut.

When this cry was heard by the townsfolk, they would rush to the harbour in hopes of catching the fish. Once the fishing boats were at sea, it was then up to the huer to direct the vessels. He would wrap two small furze bushes with white cloth and use them to signal to the fishermen.

After undergoing restoration work during the 1830s, Huer’s Hut is now a grade II listed building.