Delving deeper into the Sea Demons of Fright Night

Terrifying Sea Demons and monstrous creatures of the ocean are boarding Pirate’s Quest for Cornwall’s most-anticipated Fright Night Halloween event

In folklore, Sea demons are often imagined to be of immense size, taking many forms, from dragons, and monsters to serpents and multi-armed beasts.

The evening, on Friday, October 26th, will include a cast of skilled scare-actors, detailed 360-degree sets, and shocking special effects, set to make our after-hours Halloween experience a guaranteed scream-fest. Any visitors will need to summon their courage as they navigate their way through the dark and dank scenes, often coming face to face with demons from the depths, who certainly aren’t afraid to get up close and personal.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few sea demons, guaranteed to be found lurking in the locker of the deity of death, otherwise known as Davey Jones’s:

Qalupalik: A Sea creature from Inuit mythology. They make a somewhat distinctive humming sound before appearing from the sea and supposedly snatching children and babies.

Umibozu: A large shadowy sea spirit from Japanese folklore – It appears from calm waters and throws sailors overboard. IT’s bad luck to mention its name whilst at sea.

Siren: Dangerous creatures from Greek mythology – lured sailors to their deaths by singing from treacherous rocks and cliffs.

Leviathan: An ancient sea beast that boils the water around it.

Not forgetting, visits from The Kraken, a giant octopus-like sea creature who destroys ships and Dobhar-Chu, a ferocious sea dog.

Brave enough to join us for this one-night-only ultimate scare experience in Newquay? Round up your crew and book tickets here or call 01637 873379. Be quick, they’re selling out frightfully fast.