Cornish Knockers – Myths and Legends

Cornish Knockers at Pirate's Quest

As part of your Pirate’s Quest experience you will enter an area known as THE CORNISH LAND OF LEGEND, here you will find two pesky Cornish Knockers.

Legend has it, Knockers were mischievous sprites who inhabited Cornish mines, they got annoyed by the noise and whistling made by miners and in turn would throw stones at them.

In Cornish Folklore, Knockers were known to live deep in the dark of mines, away from human interaction, some believe they were the spirits of unfortunate minors who lost their lives, who, it was thought, would knock on mine walls to warn miners of impending cave-ins.

It was thought lucky for miners to leave offerings for Knockers, including pieces of left-over Cornish pasty, failure to do this would result in unlucky tricks being played on miners.

There haven’t been sightings of the Knockers since the tin mining industry ended, although they are believed to reside in the tunnels under the bleak and desolate Cornish Moors.

Pirate’s Quest is an immersive walk-through experience which combines talented theatrical actors, amazing special effects, and detailed 360⁰ sets in an authentic, atmospheric adventure.

The Knockers featuring at Pirate’s Quest won’t be throwing stones, but we’d still keep one eye on them if we were you! Just in case.