What is Pirate’s Quest?

Pirate’s Quest is an immersive walk-through experience which combines talented theatrical actors, amazing special effects, and detailed 360⁰ sets in an authentic, atmospheric adventure.

A LIVE Pirate Guide will lead you through realistic scenes on an hour-long journey into the history of piracy. Explore the mystical caves and murky streets of eighteenth century Cornwall and learn about the REAL Caribbean Pirates!

If you’re feeling brave enough you’ll have the option to enter the Scare Section of the experience, filled with screams and laughter! (This part can be easily avoided for those who wish by choosing the alternative safe route.)

Visitors are given a Treasure Map when they begin their tour. There are three different quests to complete for varying abilities – suitable for adults and children. Return the completed map to the Treasure Shoppe to claim some pirate booty!

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