Cornwall’s Horrible History

The Pirate’s Quest Experience will also allow you and your crew-mates to come face to face with Cornwall’s fascinating history and intriguing myths.

Cornish Smuggling Stories at Pirate's Quest Newquay

The smuggling stories of Cornwall’s Seafarers are brought to life on your Pirate’s Quest Experience as you explore SMUGGLER’S PASSAGE. A hideout for the county’s most famous and infamous smugglers and swashbucklers.

Meet the famous John Carter and read about the adventures of him and his mischievous smuggling brothers. Discover the fascinating double-life of Lady Mary Killigrew, and look out for Black Joan the despicable smuggler of Looe Island.

None of Cornwall’s legends are as famous as King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Born in Tintagel and raised by the powerful warlock Merlin, Arthur was a true and rightful king if ever there was one. Will you get chosen to pull the sword from the stone?

Spriggans are believed to be the most warlike of all the Cornish faery tribes – Look out for them around the magical LAND OF LEGEND section, along with the Knockers; little folk usually found inhabiting the Cornish mines.

You won’t need to look out for Bolster – it’s hard to miss the massive Cornish Giant! St Agnes became a local hero when she famously used her wits to rid the county of this beast.

Jack O’Lantern, King of the Cornish Piskies, watches over all of the county’s mythical folk with his Queen, Joan the Wad, and he’ll watch you too as you leave the LAND OF LEGEND.Learn about the Jack O'Lantern legends at Pirates Quest Newquay

The County’s Legends don’t stop there – as you journey BELOW DECKS discover the many stories of Cornish Mermaids, beautiful creatures who use their magic and appearance to lure men beneath the waves. Morvena and the Mermaid of Zennor are two of the most famous.