Beastly Buccaneers Foul Facts

We’ve gathered our top 5 most putrid piratical facts to celebrate Beastly Buccaneers Week this May Half Term at Pirate’s Quest. Learn about all of the disgusting duties, nauseating nonsense and lousy living conditions of pirate life at Pirate’s Quest this May Half Term. Read on to discover some foul facts before you arrive…

The Pirate Diet

Life on board a pirate ship meant storing supplies for months at a time below decks so there was no fresh fruit or meat for these men. The menu mainly consisted of dried salted beef, maggoty biscuits and dried fish (which the pirate folk called ‘hairy willy’!) So not the most appetising food choices available.

Punishment of a Privateer

It was every man for himself at sea. For those buccaneers who betrayed the Captain or their fellow crew a number of punishments were used to deter others from choosing the same treachery! Feet nailed to the deck, cannibalism and chopping off ears were some of the more gruesome punishments at sea.

Scurvy Seadogs

Due to the lack of vitamin C (Caused by the aforementioned diet) Scurvy was the most common of all diseases onboard a pirate ship. This ailment caused pale skin, walking with a hunch, swollen gums and loss of hair and teeth. Dysentery also affected crewmates – caused by eating contaminated food and water, leading to swollen and bleeding bowels. Ew!

Not-so-Clean Crew

The water on board a pirate ship was kept for drinking, not bathing… so pirates stank!

Is There A Doctor Onboard?

If a limb had to be removed the ship’s cook would be responsible for the task as they were the most experienced in cutting meat.

We’re starting to feel a tad queasy, so we’ll leave it there for the foul facts today. If you’re hungry for more, join the crew on an experience this week, during May Half Term, where they’ll be divulging all of the disgusting details of pirate life. Book online in advance to avoid disappointment.

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