Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf

Step back in time and embark on a captivating golfing journey through Cornwall’s rich history with an immersive experience at Pirate’s Quest. Begin your adventure aboard the Royal Anne Galley, a pirate hunter’s ship that met its end off the Cornish coast in 1721. As you navigate the course, you’ll explore mystical caves, uncover pirate treasures, and encounter legendary figures such as King Arthur and the magical wizard Merlin. Venture through the twists and turns of Smuggler’s Passage and dive into Davy Jones’ Locker for a glow-in-the-dark challenge. Complete your quest by steering a grand galleon clear of danger and discover the tales of the high seas.


You’ll be transported back 300 years to begin your golfing adventure aboard the wreck of the Royal Anne Galley – a pirate hunter’s ship that really did wreck off the coast of Cornwall in 1721. Uncover the secret hidden doorway to escape to dry land and start your journey through the mystical caves and murky streets of Eighteenth Century Cornwall.


Venture into the county’s coves and uncover the secrets they hide. Seek out pirate plunder and track down ‘Hooligan’s Hideout’ where beastly buccaneers and rowdy rogues can be found lying low whilst camping out in Cornwall.


Journey into the mists of time and meet some of the county’s most famous residents, the mighty King Arthur, born and raised in Tintagel castle by magical wizard Merlin. Be sure to watch out for the ‘little people’ of Cornwall – the mischievous piskies known as Spriggans can be seen hiding amongst the rocks as well as the Cornish Knockers, usually found in the many tin mines, knocking to guide the Cornish miners. No need to fear the monstrous giant Bolster – he’s been tricked by the legendary St Agnes and is fully focused on proving his devotion to her… even if it kills him in the process!


A hot spot for Cornish smugglers, swashbucklers, and outcasts. Navigate the twists and turns of this secret passage and meet the famous John Carter, the mischievous smuggler known as The King of Prussia. Discover the fascinating piratical double-life of Lady Mary Killigrew, and look out for Black Joan the despicable smuggler of Looe Island.


Before Newquay had its ‘new quay’, the town was known as Towan Blystra, a notorious pirate ‘hang’-out – the docks are full of captured buccaneers displayed in gibbets as punishment. Be sure to pose for a photo in the village stocks before venturing onward!


Swagger into the local tavern, originally introduced to Pirate’s Quest to mark the 300th Anniversary of the famous Captain’s death in 2018. The Tavern now acts as a base for pirate recruitment.


For those brave enough, grab a glow in the dark golf ball and descend into the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker, a creepy graveyard of lost ships and souls that serves as a final resting place for history’s most dastardly seafarers, from Ned Low to Eustace the Monk! This section can be easily avoided by choosing the alternative safe route through The Rogue’s Gallery.


Finally, you’ll board the crew’s grand galleon! Steer the ship clear of the cliffs to avoid the notorious Cornish Wreckers, and learn the surprising history of ‘walking the plank’. Then explore below decks and peek through the portholes to discover the Sunken City of Lyonesse and the legendary Mermaid of Zennor.

Safe Passage

For a tamer experience, choose the safe passage option to avoid the scarier sections and enjoy a smoother adventure.

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Fright Night with Glow Golf

At Halloween we bring back our popular ‘Fright Night’ event.. Come and play a round of 12 holes, in the UV lit museum after dark with some creepy company lurking about the course!

This is a recommended 18+ event and advise those that are pregnant or suffer any heart conditions do not attend!

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